Cell Night

Hey fam!

This Friday we'll be meeting up in our cells again - you should have gotten messages about where/when it'll all be happening. 

***Please message me/us if you don't have a cell to go to!!***

We'll be having phat chats about how our GOALS are going (yeah, remember those?), and spending time together in the hopes that we become more than just people to spend our Friday nights with, but people we truly love as family 

Hope you enjoy yourselves! 



Theme Verse 2017

I said, ‘Plow new ground for yourselves, plant righteousness, and reap the blessings that your devotion to me will produce. It is time for you to turn to me, your Lord, and I will come and pour out blessings upon you.’ - Hosea 10:12

"Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will send you out to fish for people." - Matthew 4:19

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